Owner, Trainer / Instructor

Combining Intuitive Gifts with knowledge of the human body and movement, I create programs and sessions that work on the body as a WHOLE and restore your vibrancy.

Over 16 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Nutrition Coach has helped me to develop a unique approach to health and wellness and being an Ordained Minister and 2nd degree Black Belt as well have helped me to have success with training women and provincial level athletes.

I have experienced all spectrums of the health continuum and would love to work with you, wherever you are on your journey!

  • Creator of Shelloga, Shelloga Flow

  • Maureen Rae - Yoga, Yin Yoga Teacher

  • Reiki Master Level 3

  • Angel & Tarot Card Reader

  • Psychic Sciences 2

  • Chakra Healing Practitioner

  • Meditation Practitioner

  • Therapeutic Touch Level 2

  • Life Coach - Life Purpose, Spiritual and Breakthrough

  • Ordained Minister

  • Personal Trainer- American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt- Tae Kwon Do

  • Beachbody Instructor - Piyo

  • Wellness Advocate - doTERRA

  • Consultant - Epicure



Artist, Intuitive, Crystal Jewelry & Healing

Ever since I was little, creativity has always been one of the most important aspects of my life.

Creating artwork, working with my hands, & making things that people will love has always brought a sense of happiness to me.

As an artist, I like to do what is known as “intuitive art.” The best way I have heard this described is “meditating with a brush.” Intuitive art may sound intimidating, but it is actually all about having fun!

Creating intuitively, means releasing all fears or worries about failure, or not being good enough. And rather, painting with a sense of heart and soul, or “going with your gut.” Letting the colours, patterns, and flow come to you in the moment.

Another passion of mine is tarot reading. I use intuitive reads to bring clients meaningful and reliable messages that the universe may have for them, or need them to hear.

I have always been drawn to the earth, and the treasures you can find within it.

I like to be able to share that with others by creating jewelry that allows others to carry a piece of the earth with them wherever they go.

I also believe crystals enhance wellness when used in meditation, energy work, or décor, and I aim to connect people with stones that speak to them or will benefit them in the best way possible.

• Abstract painter

• Intuitive tarot reader

• Crystal jewelry creator

• Hand selected crystals

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Instructor/Coach, Office Manager, Marketing & Social Media Lead

2021 marks 32 years for me as a leader in the health and wellness industry (instructor, trainer, facilitator, management, administration).

I spent the majority of that time in the public health sector where my love of service grew. 

In 2018, I shifted full-time to medical assisting as a TechCA (technical chiropractic assistant) where I get to help people optimize their health and benefit from wellness and maintenance care of their life force, the nervous system. 

In addition to teaching dance and fitness classes, another creative outlet which has turned into an additional source of income is copywrighting, graphic design and social media. I currently create content for and manage several business' social media accounts and love every minute of it. 

I personally have a personal brand complete with blog, podcast and book.