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For Balanced Health & Wellness

Stones of Meaning


  • Personal Training (in studio, 1-on-1) $80/hour, $45/30 minutes

  • Fitness Testing and Assessments - pricing varies depending on program


The team at Optimal Balance are independent distributors of products and services that support your health and wellness. From essential oils to vitamins, Optimal Balance provides complete holistic fitness and wellness training. 

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  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Assessment $150

  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching/Follow Up $80/hour, $45/30 minutes

  • Food Journal Accountability $40/4-15 minute sessions/month

  • One time 10 minute consultation to determine the best pathway to your health success for classes or nutrition is yours FREE


 Empower, Heal and Transform your Life

Shelley uses a combination of life coaching, energy healing and her intuitive gifts to empower you to find your greatness and full potential, for life changing results physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  Conversations with Shelley will bring clarity to your challenges, both past and present, and turn them into opportunities. 

Who Should use this Service?

Those feeling stuck in life or lacking passion for life, those suffering from physical ailments, those who have suffered traumas and conflicts, negative experiences and people, those in need of emotional healing and those wanting to get their life in order. 

You will be guided on your own personal journey to self discovery. 

"Within you is an innate healing power. Your body is a conduit for Universal Life-Force energy. Plug into this power source. Heal your life"

Services are scheduled by appointment only. 


$80/hour session

$45/30 min session

*does not include HST


  • Energy Healing/Balancing Session $80 - 1 hour, $45 - 30 minutes

  • Energy Vibration Machine ​

  • Oracle Card Reading (in person or online) $80 - full reading, $45 - 5 card reading, $20 - 3 card online guidance