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Stones of Meaning


Conversations with Shelley is Intuitive Energy Healing Coaching, that focuses on healing areas in your life that may have become painful, stagnant, or frustrating to you.

Using a variety of coaching activities and conversation, we will discuss:

-what is behind your physical aches, pains and illnesses

-your mental and emotional highs and lows

-other people’s energy that you may be reacting to, or ‘wearing’

-and why you are struggling, feeling lost or repeating the ‘same old cycle’

If you are open to receiving Intuitive Guidance from Shelley, you will receive those ‘lightbulb A-HA moments, that will create energy shifts and healing, in all areas of your life.

These sessions will give you an opportunity to wake up to your own inner truth and to live authentically.

They can re-align your energy, balance your chakras, and help move you forward with life!

You will be guided on your own personal journey to self discovery.

*hands on Energy Healing is at times an option during the session, if it is deemed appropriate for energy shifting.

Services are scheduled by appointment only.

In-Person and Online Available. 

30 - 60 Minutes Sessions

Contact us to discuss the session and pricing that will get you the best results. 

Meditation by the Sea


"What is my life purpose?" is one of the most essential questions that all of us will ask at some point in our life- because it is human nature to want to understand the meaning of life.

In a fast-paced society there are many people who might be creating success but not fulfillment. They have a feeling that life is supposed to me more, and they’re right.

Living a life of purpose and meaning is essential for overall wellbeing, happiness and success.

In your Life Purpose Coaching Sessions, you will:

-Overcome the conditioning and negative patterns you have picked up early in life

-Reflect on what you are made for through exploring your passions and interests

-Discover your talents and skills and how you can use your gifts to make a difference

-Explore insights from understanding your personality type

-Find meaning within your life changing experiences and powerful coincidences

-Eliminate limiting belief systems and empower yourself to take your power back

In-Person and Online Sessions available. Contact us for pricing and more.

Young Women Brainstorming


Step into Clarity, Certainty, Creation and Connection

This coaching program builds on the Life Purpose Program to deepen and develop the building blocks that you created and learned, to create a life of fulfillment and connection.

It empowers you to awaken your unique focus and engages the deeper driving force of living your life on purpose.

Learn the elemental aspects of the self that needs to be brought to balance to succeed in life.

This program transforms lives!

On this journey of self-discovery, you will:

-learn to understand guidance and unlock the power of your personal intuition to better create a love of your dreams

-learn techniques for sharing and fostering healthy relationships

-be encouraged to release mental barriers

-address the mind, body, spirit paradigm while strengthening the power one has to live a life full of abundance, joy, balance and connection.

Program available to individuals or groups (contact us for booking and pricing)


​Blending many modalities, Optimal Balance Energy Healing and Teaching uses intuitive abilities to facilitate balance and healing. A session can help you to see your truth while being guided on your unique personal journey.

In-Person and Online Sessions Available. 

Energy Healing/Balancing, Oracle Card Reading & Guidance

Contact us for pricing and more.



Oracle messages are profound and provide great information about who you and your path in this lifetime.

Oracle messages offer guidance as you journey through your life, whether it is a message that you need to hear to fulfill a purpose, or whether it be guidance through a particular life experience.

Divine information and insight come through many tools, and that is just what the cards are: a tool to help us listen and contemplate.

In-Person and Online, Email Readings Available. 

30 -60 minutes, Card Draws on 1 Subject

Card Reading Parties are Available

Contact us for details.


Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Healthy eating is a journey that requires learning what your body needs and how to incorporate that into your everyday lifestyle.

No one is perfect, and if you are like most people you want to make healthier choices, but you just don’t know where to start.

We can help!

Services include:

  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Assessment

  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching/Follow Up 

  • Food Journal Accountability 

  • One time 10 minute consultation to determine the best pathway to your health success for classes or nutrition

Contact us to find out the best service and pricing to get you results.


The team at Optimal Balance are independent distributors of products and services that support your health and wellness. From essential oils to vitamins, Optimal Balance provides complete holistic fitness and wellness training. 

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Having someone to provide structure and motivation for your fitness journey is invaluable and makes a big difference in your ability to achieve your goals, confidence and enthusiasm.

You no longer have to worry about what to do at the gym or at home.

We will design your workout program and show you how to perform the exercises safely and effectively.

We'll take the guesswork away and customize your workout.

Online and In Person sessions available. 

Contact us for the best package and pricing that will get you results!


This area is where you can find books and periodicals, links to podcasts that are recommended to help you with your wellness journey. Watch this space for updates!

Fit for Life Cover (1).jpg


How to be Fit For Life - Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals, Getting Results and Living the Fitness Life by Michelle Moses

$9.93 Paperback, $5.55 Kindle (CAD, Amazon)

Have you ever had a negative experience with fitness or exercise and now struggle to do it even though you know it’s good for your health?

Are you trying program after program with no success - The classic Yo-Yo cycle?

Do you want to find a program that is manageable, realistic, sustainable and most importantly, WORKS?

Well here it is!

Not just another “fitness” book, Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals takes the foundations of fitness and personalizes them to you in order to reset your health & wellness journey and get you lifetime results!

Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals will …

  • Dig deep into discovering your true why for wanting to be healthy,

  • Show you how to assess your current fitness level, and then set smart goals

  • Challenge you once and for all to take control of your fitness, health and wellness

  • Create THE plan that you will stick to get and keep your results

If you are tired of taking shortcuts with your health & fitness and want to enjoy fitness on a whole other level other than just losing the next 10 lbs; this book is for you!


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