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Workshops currently are being offered online through Zoom or Facebook LIVE.

Minimum #'s are needed to run 

Prices do not include HST and are payable by email transfer

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Two Dates to Choose From:

May 8/2020

 7-8:30 pm EST


May 9/2020

 9-10:30 am EST


Learn what the chakras are and how they affect your health and well-being.

Each session we will delve into one chakra and focus on- learning, clearing, balancing and how to maintain that chakras health.

Offered in each session is: conversation and learning on the chakra, crystals and nutritional insight for that chakra, yoga movement and a meditation.

You will leave each session with a self care plan for that chakra for the month.

An optional Facebook group is offered throughout the month for check-ins and accountability.


Sunday: May 3, 10, 24 and 31

$5/session or $15 for all 4 sessions

9-9:30 am EST

Enjoy a soothing guided meditation, in the comfort of your own home.

Shelley will lead you through setting your intention before you begin, the meditation itself and a closing intention.

During the meditation- we work on the 5 pillars of health- mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic.

There is space for energetic healing and release, allowing you a unique personal experience with each meditation.

May 3- BlueBell Wood

May 10- Chakra Healing

May 24- Loving Kiindness Meditation

May 31- The Seven WaterFalls (my favorite!)


Two Dates to Choose From:

May 8/2020

 7-8:30 pm

$15 EST

May 9/2020

 9-10:30 am

$15 EST

This workshop delivers the basics on how to ‘do’ a reading and boost your confidence in interpreting the card meanings.

 Topics covered are:

-What are Oracle Cards

- Myths

- Different Types of Decks

- 6 steps for using your deck

- tips on how to do a reading

-and a chance to watch a reading and an opportunity to practice different reading types, with guidance offered back from Shelley


I really enjoyed the workshop last night and felt so much better after with the effects lasting in to today. It was very insightful information on all the tools and strategies that there are for mindfulness and well being. The relevance and importance is finally sinking in now. The trick is to remember to use a tool or strategy and engage when needed. Maybe that's the self compassion part...to be attuned to our own needs and do what is needed.


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