Hand Drums


April 1, 2021- Drumming

7:05-7:55 pm

Price: $16.50+HST/

Minimum registration required

COVID guidelines in effect

In our Drumming Session, the use of a drum allows a different focus for our minds, and provides a centering and grounding for energy shifts, releases and alignment.

As you are soothed with the beat, Shelley will pick up your own personal energy and relay it through the drum.

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This guided online course is filled with step by step activities to provide you the tools you need to take charge of your mental and physical well-being. It offers a voyage of self-discovery while healing, clearing and re-aligning yourself to THRIVE in your health and your everyday life.

Progressing one by one through the seven chakras, your Certified Energy Healing Coach will show you how to assess and unblock each chakra and clear the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual debris of the past.  

Your chakra system represents all the parts of you and each chakras rules over a different region of the body and in turn, when one is blocked it leads to different emotional and physical pains being expressed. When one of these areas is out of balance it can manifest itself in many ways.   

For example: If your root chakra is blocked, you may be experiencing physical symptoms like weight issues or back pain and psychological symptoms like anxiety and insecurity.  

By being able to identify what your symptoms may relate to, and what you could gain by balancing that energy center, you can resolve a plethora of issues that may be plaguing your life.

Who this course is for? 

All those interested in finding peace and balance in their daily life through self discovery and healing work.  

Over the course of 2021 we will: 

-examine one chakra/month 

-self assess each chakra’s health through quizzes and healing activities 

-clear what’s been holding you back 

-develop a plan to revitalize and rejuvenate your health and your life 

The Details: 

In our private FaceBook group, you will receive: 

-weekly challenges and messages via video and live chats 

-access to your Certified Energy Healing Coach for questions and discussion of your obstacles and discoveries in 1 Live Q&A/month  

-a yoga flow for each chakra/month 

-a meditation for each chakra/month 

-healing activities to support each chakra  

-nutritional guidance for each chakra’s health 

-a 7 Day Chakra Reset (that can be used anytime after completing the course) 

-progress through the course at your own pace 

-challenges in 21 day settings to set you up for success 

-BONUS! We will learn about the 8th chakra, foot, hand and ear chakras 

And much much more…… 

When: Jan 4/2021- Dec 21/2021 

Investment: $60/month and your commitment to THRIVE 


I really enjoyed the workshop last night and felt so much better after with the effects lasting in to today. It was very insightful information on all the tools and strategies that there are for mindfulness and well being. The relevance and importance is finally sinking in now. The trick is to remember to use a tool or strategy and engage when needed. Maybe that's the self compassion part...to be attuned to our own needs and do what is needed.